Yapily announce the next step in partnership with Alipay+ with the introduction of the first-ever Commercial Variable Recurring Payments e-commerce transaction

Yapily announce an industry-defining advancement: the launch of the world’s first Commercial Variable Recurring Payments (CVRP) in the UK, in collaboration with Ant International and HungryPanda.

This marks a significant step forward in creating smoother, more efficient payment experiences for both merchants and consumers.

What are Commercial VRPs?

– With CVRP, your customers can manage their recurring payments effortlessly. It’s not just a transaction; it’s an experience – simpler, faster, and more enjoyable, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

– With reduced chargebacks and a lower failure rate, CVRP translates into significant savings, allowing you to focus more on growing your business.

– With fewer touchpoints and consumer control over payment timing, frequency, and amount, the risk of fraud is minimised. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ensures each payment is secure and protected.

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