UK’s largest pet wearables firm Tractive launches first ever insurance product on Ignite’s broker platform

The UK and Europe’s largest provider of pet wearables, Tractive, has launched its first insurance product in partnership with software house Ignite, a Verisk business, and insurer Covéa. As Tractive Pet Cover, the insurance will be available to dog and cat owners in the UK. Tractive has 1 million active subscribers around the world.

Source: FF News

Tractive Pet Cover provides comprehensive Lifetime insurance for pet owners with up to £9,000 of vet fees covered per year. The policy covers vet fees for accidents or illness, dental treatment and third-party cover of up to £2,000,000 for dog owners. All Tractive Pet Cover customers get free unlimited access to a 24/7 video vet service run by FirstVet.

Tractive CEO, Michael Hurnaus, commented: “It’s been an exciting journey launching this product with the help of Ignite’s technology and Covéa’s underwriting experience. I’m confident that Tractive’s innovation, behind our global GPS tracker leadership, will drive our growth in the UK and beyond.”

Toby MacLachlan, CEO at Ignite Insurance Systems, added: “Ignite often does projects replacing legacy policy administration systems, so it’s been really fun for our team to focus on something completely new. Tractive are a highly innovative and ambitious organisation, and it’s been a pleasure to make their speed and decision-making a reality. This is a watershed moment in UK pet insurance.”

Ian Bubb, IT Director at Covéa, said: “When Tractive came to us with this proposition we knew it was something we had to get behind. They’re a great brand and a great team. This product will do well in the short term and provide fascinating learnings for the future too.

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