tink extends its partnership with Hakuna, enhancing its service offering in all its European markets

Founded in Germany in 2016, tink is the leading platform for smart home products in Europe. Since then, tink has expanded into four more European countries and helped more than 1.4 million customers create smarter homes with hardware from renowned brands including Google, Apple, SONOS, and Bosch.

Source: Hakuna

The smart home products on tink’s platform make life more convenient and more sustainable for its tech-savvy customers. One of its smart thermostats, for example, can automatically save its users up to 30% in energy consumption and costs.

tink’s customers expect that same level of convenience in every interaction they have with tink. Through integrated product protection, tink is able to take its commitment to convenience to the next level, giving its customers a worry-free shopping experience every time.

Since 2023, tink’s German customers have had the option to add Hakuna-powered product protection to any smart home products they buy from tink. In the spring of 2024, tink expanded its protection program to all of its other active European markets and now also sells Hakuna-powered product protection in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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