The Green Insurer, a Car Insurance Provider, Introduces Product that Incentivises Clients Driving Responsibly

The Green Insurer, a car insurance provider committed to reducing drivers’ impact on the environment, launched a new car insurance product “that rewards customers for driving responsibly.” The Green Insurer calculates “a driver’s carbon footprint by analysing driving data and fusing it with information about their vehicle.”

Source: CrowdFund Insider

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) powers “the service with driving data captured from smartphone sensors, which is transformed into driving and sustainability insights with artificial intelligence.”

Drivers can understand the environmental impact of “every trip they take.

Paul Baxter, CEO of The Green Insurer, said: “At The Green Insurer, we believe in harnessing the power of analytics to inspire sustainable driving habits and incentivise individuals to make a positive impact on our planet. Our partnership with CMT is a testament to our commitment to use the most accurate and reliable data provider in order to provide true driver feedback and make a real difference.”

UK drivers want more sustainable insurance options — “a recent CMT report on sustainable insurance found that 84% of UK drivers are concerned about climate breakdown. As a result, 76% of UK drivers say they would download their insurer’s app to reduce their carbon emissions and fuel consumption. CMT’s data shows that drivers participating in sustainable auto insurance programs are three times more engaged and save over £400 per year in fuel costs.”

The Green Insurer addresses “this growing market need across the UK.”

David Morse, Chief Customer Officer for CMT, said: “Connected insurance provides drivers with an incredible amount of value, with a breadth of options they care about. From reducing carbon emissions to saving money on fuel, to getting life-saving help after a car crash, to discounts on insurance, there’s something for everyone. Safe driving is sustainable driving. We’re looking forward to working with The Green Insurer to improve road safety in the UK while empowering drivers to reduce carbon emissions.”

Founded in 2023, the company offers eco-friendly, carbon offset car insurance “to drivers who want to help the environment and those motorists whose mileage might be low.”

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