Qover Launches AI-Powered Embedded Insurance Solution to Enhance User Experience

Qover, a leading insurtech company driven by a vision of creating a global safety net through insurance, announces the launch of its AI-enabled solution designed to streamline the claims experience. With the potential of claim settlement within minutes of approval, Qover is set to redefine the user experience and operational efficiency in the insurance industry.

Source: FF News

“Our new claims experience will be transformative for our customers and partners,” commented Ed Ackerman, Chief Customer Officer at Qover. “By leveraging AI and automation at key stages of the end-to-end claims process, we’re not only speeding up a typically cumbersome process but also making it more intuitive – even stress-free – for our policyholders. Imagine submitting your claim in a couple of clicks and getting paid within an hour of claim approval.”

“AI integration will play a crucial role in achieving our ambitious goals of transforming how we handle received claims,” said Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-founder at Qover. “We are determined to set a new, higher standard in the industry, harnessing AI for its transformative impact and value it creates for our partners and their customers. With human oversight and control, our priority is to ensure that every request is treated fairly, ethically and securely.”

Read full article: https://ffnews.com/newsarticle/insurtech/qover-launches-ai-powered-embedded-insurance-solution-to-enhance-user-experience/

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