Pattern Insurance and Upper Hand launch partnership to provide parents with access to accident and registration insurance

Pattern Insurance and Upper Hand announce a new partnership which provides parents and athletes effortless access to accident and registration cancellation insurance, designed to protect children while participating in sports activities, using Upper Hand's booking platform.

Source: PR Newswire

The partnership sees Pattern and Upper Hand leading the industry, offering protections to end-customers during the registration process. The offering not only provides peace of mind for parents when signing their child up for an event, but the protections also allow facilities to mitigate conflict with their customers regarding injuries and refunds.

Kevin Maccauley, CEO of Upper Hand, said: “Through our partnership with Pattern Insurance, we’re not only ensuring that parents can enroll their children in sports with confidence but also providing risk mitigation for our sports organizations from potential revenue loss due to unforeseen registration cancellations. This integration of accident and registration insurance into our platform exemplifies Upper Hand’s commitment to providing a comprehensive safety net for our entire sports community.”

Grant Baker, Head of Partnerships at Pattern Insurance said: “Upper Hand has been one of our favorite clients to integrate with to date. They are constantly improving their platform and tech to best serve their clients and businesses. We see our coverages becoming more widely available to parents and athletes in order to mitigate the financial risks that come with youth sports. Upper Hand has been an innovative force for the industry and we are beyond thankful to be working alongside their team.”

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