Open Launches Smart Flight Delay To Alleviate Unforeseen Customer Travel Frustration

Unforeseen disruptions when travelling can ruin a holiday or lead to unnecessary stress. Looking to alleviate this stress and remove the need to make an insurance claim due to complications, Open, the global embedded insurance partner for brands, has launched its new travel insurance offering.

Source: The Fintech Times

Flight delays can range from minutes to hours, and when customers face the latter, frustrations can easily arise. With the new Open offering, it is building on its ‘Instant Claims’ tech and is now offering Smart Flight Delay. This automatically provides lounge passes to customers and up to four companions when facing flight disruptions of sixty minutes or more.

“Our excitement around our latest travel insurance launch comes from bridging the gap between modern digital travel experiences and innovative insurance solutions”, comments Sam Hoppe, chief commercial and insurance officer UK at Open. “The frictionless tech driven journey that travellers expect from airlines and OTAs should seamlessly extend to insurance and that hasn’t been the case up until now and is where we are aiming to lead the way.

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