NMI Launches the Next-Generation of Embedded Payments Solutions

NMI, a global leader in embedded payments, unveils NMI Payments, the comprehensive embedded payments solution for software companies, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and payment professionals.

Source: NMI

The NMI Payments platform easily integrates within existing applications and payment solutions, offering a flexible, modular approach that expedites and streamlines payments. The solution allows partners to manage the full merchant and client payment life-cycle.

NMI Payments provides unparalleled merchant management and processing, allowing software vendors and ISOs to focus on their business. By optimizing and automating payment processes, underwriting and workflows, merchants can be onboarded quickly, ready to start accepting payments in minutes.

By making multiple services available in a single integrated payment platform, NMI Payments creates more value for software companies, ISOs and their merchants, supporting everything from sign-up, through underwriting, to payment processing. NMI partners have the flexibility to choose from a variety of processors and shopping cart options that are embedded directly into their applications and can adjust these capabilities based on their merchants’ needs. The modular design quickly scales as business needs evolve, and the ability to white label or embed payments gives partners full control over their brand and their product throughout the payment process.

Designed for frictionless payments, NMI Payments allows consumers to pay wherever and however they want – online, in-store, in-app, mobile and unattended – securely, easily and reliably, leveraging NMI’s feature-rich payment gateway.

NMI Payments was created with the developer in mind. The simple, flexible set of APIs and SDKs make for easy integration into any software platform or payment solution. NMI’s new developer portal offers code samples and reference materials together with ‘Try It’ functionality, to provide everything a developer needs to quickly and easily integrate payments into their application. Now software companies can generate additional revenue streams by leveraging NMI Payments to monetize every transaction. Integrating and embedding payments also makes for a superior and more confident consumer experience, providing a seamless way to pay.

Vijay Sondhi, Chief Executive Officer at NMI said:
“Our company mission is to provide our partners with payment capabilities from sign-up to pay-out in minutes. By managing risk, optimizing monetization and offering revenue-sharing models, we can support our partners wherever they are on their payments journey, no matter the size or expertise of the business. The launch of NMI Payments reaffirms our promise to deliver unparalleled value through flexibility, modularity and choice, ensuring our partners are equipped with the tools to thrive and expand in the ever-evolving world of payments.”

Jared Drieling, Chief Innovation Officer, TSG (The Strawhecker Group) said:
“Embedded payment solutions built directly into a software platform increasingly centralizes these services and provides merchants with a more streamlined, integrated offering. Software organizations offering payment processing directly to their merchants opens up a huge revenue opportunity and significantly boosts convenience. Going forward, expect more merchants to find their payment partner through these relationships.”

Read full article: https://www.nmi.com/eu/resources/news/nmi-launches-the-next-generation-of-embedded-payments-solutions/

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