MPCH Partners with Canopius to Provide Insurance for Cryptographic Storage Solutions

MPCH, the cutting-edge cryptographic storage solutions company that provides physical and digital security solutions for enterprises' most sensitive digital assets, announced today that they have partnered with Canopius, a global Specialty and P&C (re)insurer and leading Lloyd's of London Syndicate to insure MPCH Customers' digital assets.

Source: PR Newswire

The partnership with Canopius further enables MPCH Customers to purchase additional Digital Asset Custody Insurance on their crypto assets protected MPCH technologies. This achievement is only possible because of MPCH’s proprietary physical and digital security solutions and its team’s specialized knowledge in the field of secure systems.

Miles Parry, MPCH CEO, shared “Our partnership with Canopius marks the maturation of security in an increasingly tokenized ecosystem. By integrating MPCH’s cryptographic storage solution with Canopius’s insurance expertise, we have enhanced our capability to secure sensitive digital assets, thereby empowering our clients to confidently navigate the digital landscape. We are proud to offer scalable, bespoke insurance solutions that adeptly meet the unique challenges of private key protection.”

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