Matic Insurance Launches New Partnership with GVC Mortgage

Matic, a leading digital insurtech platform, and GVC Mortgage announced today a strategic partnership to provide P&C insurance products to GVC Mortgage customers. Through the partnership, Matic’s innovative insurance marketplace of over 40 A-rated carriers will be integrated into GVC Mortgage’s customer offerings.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Since its go-to-market launch in 2017, Matic has trailblazed the concept of embedded insurance, removing friction from the insurance process for mortgage entities and borrowers. GVC Mortgage joins over 100 top lenders, servicers, and banks — representing 20% of loans processed in the US — that partner with Matic to simplify the insurance buying experience.

“This partnership reflects our dedication to offering valuable solutions to customers and streamlining the entire home closing lifecycle,” said Brad Buck, Chief Financial Officer, GVC Mortgage. “Implementing a cutting-edge insurtech solution that provides a variety of coverage options helps us meet borrower expectations and elevate their experience.”

Matic will deploy personalized insurance offers across GVC Mortgage’s originations channels, allowing borrowers to shop for customized rates and coverage within the loan closing experience. Matic’s marketplace is built to enable borrowers to quickly identify policy options, helping lenders minimize loan closing delays and improve operational efficiencies.

“As the insurance market faces unprecedented volatility, mortgage lenders are looking for ways to ease the burden for borrowers and help them identify options,” said Ben Madick, CEO and Co-founder of Matic. “We’re delighted to partner with GVC Mortgage to fulfill customer needs and create an enhanced experience within their loan closing process.”

In addition to home and auto insurance, Matic will offer umbrella, flood, dwelling fire, and other personal lines of insurance to meet the needs of GVC Mortgage customers.

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