Marshmallow car insurance partners with Sky Media

Sky Media has announced a partnership with car insurance provider, Marshmallow, specifically designed for people who have moved to the UK. The collaboration, which was planned and bought by Miroma Group’s Wake the Bear, will see Marshmallow sponsor Utsav Plus, GEO TV ARY Digital TV channels.

Source: Advanced Television

Marking its TV sponsorship debut, Marshmallow’s campaign aims to drive brand awareness and consideration among a specific target audience. This niche group comprises of people who have recently moved to the UK, own a vehicle, and are looking for car insurance. People who move to the UK can pay up to 45 per cent more for their car insurance than their UK-born counterparts.

Chloe Collins, Head of Marketing at Marshmallow, said: “Our customers have moved here for all sorts of reasons, and many need a car to keep on moving with their lives. Too many insurers price those new to the UK as if they are new to driving. We value the driving experience they bring with them. Sponsoring these channels allows us to connect with one of our core audiences and expand our reach.”

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