Lydia and Qover Parner to Enhance Insurance Experience for European Clients

Lydia, a mobile banking application, has partnered with insurtech Qover to introduce a seamless travel insurance experience.

Source: Crowfund Insider

This offering is exclusively available “to Lydia’s premium cardholders, known as Black+ users, in Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain.” Qover’s embedded insurance orchestration platform is at the heart of the program, “backed by Zurich and Cover-More.”

This collaboration creates a seamlessly embedded solution “that redefines the way users engage with insurance.”

The partnership introduces “a variety of user-centric features designed to enhance and streamline the in-app insurance experience.”

For instance, users can access claims submission “directly from the Lydia app and automatically generate insurance certificates.” The new travel insurance solution “extends beyond just cardholders; family members can also benefit from the comprehensive coverage, ensuring a unified and secure travel experience for the entire family.”

Cyril Chiche, Co-founder and CEO of Lydia, said: “Our priority was to craft a seamless experience for our Black+ users. We invest significantly in acquiring and maintaining our user base, and aligning insurance experiences with our high standards is key. Qover’s platform capabilities and transparent insights into claims data and program performance empower us to enhance user benefits. Moving forward, we’re committed to refining the insurance experience and backend processes, making Qover the ideal partner for Lydia.”

Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-founder of Qover, said: “From the outset, it was evident that Lydia had exceptionally high standards. Strict SLAs were a prime example. This was perfectly suited for Qover, where delivering such quality of service and customer satisfaction is inherent to our DNA. We’re eager to see how this partnership evolves, as we push the boundaries of what the fintech landscape can achieve.”

This strategic collaboration marks “a significant milestone in Qover’s mission to establish a global safety net for individuals worldwide.”

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