Lavalier Jewelry Insurance and Luxe Software to Offer Free 15-Day Personal Jewelry Insurance Coverage at Point of Sale

The partnership between Lavalier Jewelry Insurance and Luxe Software will expedite the timeline for insurance coverage.

Source: Instore

Lavalier Jewelry Insurance, a recognized insurance product for personal jewelry, is to be working with Luxe Software, an all-in-one cloud-based technology platform for jewelry retailers. The collaboration between Lavalier and Luxe enhances the customer experience by allowing customers to leave the store with peace of mind that their purchase is protected.

Luxe is a jewelry software platform that combines clienteling, point of sale, inventory management, and analytics into a single, intuitive, and mobile-friendly cloud solution. This strategic alliance conveys Luxe’s commitment to building technology that prioritizes the customer experience. As a result, customers at Luxe’s jewelry retail partners can obtain immediate insurance coverage. This allows them the flexibility to choose the insurance option that best suits their needs and protects their new purchase from the moment they leave the store.

“Luxe Software is redefining the face of retail with their technological expertise and advanced, all-purpose platform,” says Berkley Asset Protection Vice President Lorelle Henry. “Through this initiative, we are bridging the gap between the jewelry sale and securing coverage by making insurance a step in the process. This aligns with our dedication to customers and retail partners by offering a superior product, excellent service and modern technology for ease of business. We are thrilled to collaborate with a true innovator to further elevate our brand.”

“Selecting the right insurance partner is crucial for us at Luxe Software,” says CEO & Founder Chris Light. “We believe in providing our customers with not only exceptional technology solutions but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing their purchases are protected. This is why our partnership with Lavalier, a part of Berkley Asset Protection, is so significant. Lavalier’s longstanding commitment to the jewelry insurance marketplace ensures that our jewelry retail partners’ customer’s investments are always well-protected. This collaboration marks a milestone in our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. We are proud to join forces with Lavalier, whose reputation and stability align perfectly with our vision of offering comprehensive, customer-centric solutions.”

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