Kakaopay launches products for everyday insurance needs

Kakaopay Insurance‘s new product lineup is aimed at meeting its customers’ daily needs, including insurance products for home electronics and domestic travel.

Source: Pulse News

In particular, the new product lineup places more emphasis on leisure activities, with offerings covering areas such as golf, skiing, and domestic travel. The company also plans to expand its product range to include digital items such as home electronics, building on the success it has had with mobile phone insurance. It also aims to introduce products for babies, toddlers, and parents.

In a bid to lead the embedded insurance market, Kakaopay Insurance is actively looking to collaborate with companies in other industries. One such collaboration is a travel cancellation insurance product, developed in partnership with travel agency InterparkTriple Corp. Unlike traditional travel insurance, this new offering not only covers accidents while traveling abroad, but also covers cancellation fees incurred due to changes in customers’ plans, putting them at ease right from the travel planning stage.

Read full article: https://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2024&no=314177

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