How Wolt rolled out an innovative insurance programme to 240,000+ courier partners

Wolt, a Helsinki-based technology company widely known for its local commerce platform, has experienced phenomenal growth in its short lifespan. Founded ten years ago in 2014, the tech company now operates across 27 countries in over 500 cities.

Source: Onsi

“Wolt is – essentially – building a new infrastructure,” reads the tech trailblazer’s website. This involves Wolt acting as a facilitator between businesses, courier partners, and customers, with a succinct vision of “making cities better places to live”. The company’s initial focus was on restaurant food delivery, but it’s recently expanded its offering; customers can now order from pretty much any type of grocery store, retail shop, or boutique in their neighborhood using Wolt.

Today, the platform serves millions of customers via partnerships with over 240,000 courier partners. Flexible app-based work is a valuable addition to the labor market, and partnering with Wolt helps people achieve their goals by earning what they need, when they need it, on their own terms.

In this article, Onsi team take a look at the Wolt-Onsi partnership, with insights from Wolt’s Head of Insurance and Risk Management, Garrett Olson:

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