HDI Embedded chosen as insurance partner by the strategic duo formed by Wind Tre and wefox

HDI Embedded, a subsidiary of HDI International, has been chosen by Berlin-based insurtech wefox and Italian multi-service operator Wind Tre to offer extended warranty services for household appliances and electronics. This service aims to extend protection beyond the manufacturer's warranty period.

Source: Insurance Business

This collaboration was announced shortly after Wind Tre unveiled its insurance agency, Wind Tre Assicurazioni. For this venture, wefox was selected as a key partner, tasked with the integration and selection of leading insurers to develop exclusive, user-friendly products for Wind Tre’s clientele.

Nelson Castellanos, chief partnerships officer – international at HDI Embedded, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its significance for both the telecommunications and insurance sectors.

“The ability to tailor products and services is central to innovation and will improve the customer experience. For businesses, the opportunities are just as prominent; by opening new revenue streams and increasing customer touchpoints, affinity insurance programs are now forming part of robust business strategies,” Castellanos said.

Read full article: https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/uk/news/breaking-news/hdi-embedded-announces-major-partnership-476833.aspx

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