Habit and CECOP Join Forces to Protect Your Glasses and Offer a New Experience of Security and Protection

Habit, an Insurtech specializing in "embedded insurance" and "contextual distribution," and CECOP, a leading global community in the optical sector with over 8,000 members across 9 countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, and the USA), have announced a partnership aimed at providing end customers with a new approach to protect their glasses and ensure a worry-free shopping experience.

This strategic collaboration between Habit and CECOP allows end customers to swiftly subscribe to Habit Glasses Insurance when purchasing prescription glasses at any CECOP-affiliated optical store.

This innovative initiative offers a series of exclusive benefits to customers, including:

– Comprehensive Protection: Habit Glasses Insurance provides coverage for theft and accidental damage, ensuring peace of mind and protection for the investment in prescription glasses, regardless of their type or use (children’s glasses, sports glasses, or others).

– Simplified Shopping Experience: With a quick and barrier-free subscription process, customers can enjoy a more convenient shopping and insurance usage experience.

“We are very excited about this partnership with CECOP, which allows us to offer customers a comprehensive and innovative solution to protect their glasses,” said João Madureira Pinto, Chief Growth Officer at Habit. “Our goal is to provide a worry-free shopping experience and added value to the end customers of our partners.”

“The collaboration with Habit is an excellent opportunity to deliver additional protection for glasses to the end consumer, thus reinforcing our focus on high-quality solutions,” said Rui Dias, Commercial Director of CECOP Portugal. “We are eager to bring this new shopping experience to consumers.”

With the launch of this partnership, Habit and CECOP are redefining how end customers protect their glasses and enjoy an exceptional shopping experience.

For more information about Habit Glasses Insurance and how to protect your glasses, contact us at [email protected]

About Habit

Habit’s mission is to bring context and meaning to the way subscription products are sold. Habit is an insurtech with intellectual property in the way different types of data are used to create the right moment to present the right product to the right customer. Its subscription and insurance distribution platform bridges the gap between brands and companies with a large customer base and subscription or insurance products. Habit has been the silent, make-it-happen partner behind the operations of the most well-known retailers, banks, telcos and healthcare providers.



CECOP is the first leading global community in the optics sector, specialized in creating strategic solutions in operational management, development, training and transformation for opticians. It currently has more than 8,000 associated opticians, distributed across the 8 countries where it is present: Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, England and France); America (Brazil and USA).

Founded in 1996 by the visionary Jorge Rubio, CECOP has always stood out for its commitment to revaluing the sector. Its value proposition attracts, develops talent and generates a collaborative environment. In this way, CECOP is a pioneer in establishing a real and revolutionary model to adapt to the needs of professionals in the optical sector. Its values are: Collaboration, Excellence, Flexibility, Commitment, Innovation and Ethics.

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