bunq Partners With Qover to Launch Travel Insurance Across Seven Markets

Qover, a leading insurtech company driven by a vision of creating a global safety net through insurance, is proud to announce its partnership with bunq, the second largest neobank in Europe.

Source: Qover

bunq users across seven markets will have worldwide, one-time activation travel insurance included in one of their plan options. The collaboration took a record-breaking six weeks to launch, and prioritises data transparency alongside a seamless user experience.

Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-Founder at Qover, said: “Collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of our successful partnership. Together with bunq, we prioritised delivering an exceptional user experience for Eva, bunq’s model user. This commitment extends beyond the insurance product itself, encompassing outstanding AI-powered customer care and a streamlined claims process.”

Founder and CEO of bunq, Ali Niknam about joining forces with Qover: “We’re making travel insurance effortless together. It’s exactly the peace of mind we want our users to have, whether they spend, save or travel with bunq”.

Read full article: https://www.qover.com/press/bunq-travel-insurance

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