Buddy and Stripe partner to revolutionise insurance e-commerce

Buddy, a leading InsurTech shaping the future of embedded insurance, has announced its partnership with Stripe to introduce innovative e-commerce capabilities tailored for the insurance sector.

Source: Fintech Global

The collaboration aims to advance e-commerce in the insurance industry, providing insurance companies, brokers, and distribution channels with seamless integration of insurance products into digital transactions, according to InsurTech Insights.

With Buddy’s ION™ engine, insurance products can be rapidly indexed, making them readily available for transactions in online environments, including standalone and embedded e-commerce platforms. Leveraging Stripe’s global payments platform, carriers can embed insurance offerings within hours, facilitate multi-party payments, and optimise checkout processes using a unified tech suite.

Charles Merritt, CEO of Buddy, expressed his excitement at the news, remarking, “We are thrilled to develop with Stripe to build the future of insurance e-commerce. Our collaboration will improve access to insurance by lowering technical barriers to implementation, and we will provide a modern solution to the challenges of multi-party payments at points of sale.”

Read full article: https://fintech.global/2024/03/21/buddy-and-stripe-partner-to-revolutionise-insurance-e-commerce/

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