Breeze implements Across The Ocean digital insurance process in under a week

Across the Ocean Shipping (ATOShipping) has implemented a new digitised cargo insurance process in under a week, working with insurtech provider Breeze.

Source: Ajot

The integration is expected to result in a significant uptick in insured shipments as Breeze’s insurance platform accelerates processes such as quote generation and offering, policy binding, and claims management.

“This partnership meshes with our existing shipping booking workflow, simplifying and expediting the entire insurance process,” said David Aherne, Managing Director, ATOShipping.

Breeze offers a fully-automated, fully-embedded, digital insurance solution that integrates into a forwarder’s existing operational frameworks.

“Our mission is to overhaul the archaic insurance practices prevalent in the industry, leveraging data-driven strategies to broaden the scope of cargo protection,” said Matthew Phillips, Chief Commercial Officer, Breeze.

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