Adds Renter Insurance at Checkout

BookingCentral announces its new partnership with Buoy, a leading provider of boat renters insurance. This partnership introduces an essential feature to BookingCentral’s platform, enabling operators to offer renter insurance directly at checkout across all 50 states.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Historically, many renters have not realized the absence of insurance coverage during boat rentals. This integration addresses that gap. Operators using BookingCentral’s versatile system for boat rentals can now enhance their offerings by providing renters with easy and transparent access to comprehensive trip coverage, ensuring a safe rental experience nationwide.

The solution is fully embedded into BookingCentral’s user-friendly platform, allowing operators to seamlessly offer Buoy’s renter insurance. This addition is a testament to BookingCentral’s commitment to continuous innovation and providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the boat rental industry.

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