bolt and WorldTrips partner to offer first-ever device protection

bolt, an InsurTech pioneer with the largest technology-enabled insurance exchange in the country, has joined forces with WorldTrips, a comprehensive travel insurance provider.

Source: Fintech Global

This collaboration introduces the travel insurance industry’s first program designed to offer unparalleled protection for travelers’ connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This initiative aims to meet the growing need for comprehensive device security among global travelers, ensuring they remain connected and protected throughout their journeys.

bolt stands out in the InsurTech sector for its expansive insurance exchange and leadership in device protection. The company’s innovative approach includes a fully digital, 24/7 online claims process, facilitating easy and immediate access for travelers needing to file claims from anywhere in the world. WorldTrips, on the other hand, is part of the Tokio Marine HCC group, underlining its strong backing and global outreach. The company specializes in offering tailored travel insurance solutions, addressing various needs and challenges faced by international travelers.

bolt EVP of Alternative Distribution Clayton Bodnarek said, “Our work with WorldTrips speaks to the importance of staying connected with friends and family while traveling, especially for students and those who are traveling for business,” he said. “Together, WorldTrips and bolt developed a solution that is affordable and easily accessible to every type of traveler, providing peace of mind that you will be protected and connected even when you’re away from home.”

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