AXA – Global Healthcare has announced the launch of a new healthcare payment card, issued by Nium Fintech

The virtual card, which can be added by members to their Apple or Google wallet, will be rolled out in phases.

Source: ITIJ

The card is intended to simplify the claims process for AXA’s corporate clients and their employees. It enables members to pay for eligible outpatient treatments, such as over-the-counter prescriptions, “without using their own funds, and without having to submit a claim”.

The card can be used to pay any healthcare provider with a contactless VISA payment method, rather than just those within AXA – Global Healthcare’s international network.

The AXA healthcare card is being issued by Nium, a UK-based fintech registered and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The card follows research by AXA which found that its Global Healthcare members submitted a substantial amount of low-value, self-pay claims every year. Members also said that, despite doing this, they disliked making these claims against their policy, primarily due to the level of time and administration involved.

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