AXA and BOXX Insurance introduce advanced cyber protection for SMEs

BOXX Insurance, an award-winning global InsurTech firm specialising in cyber protection and insurance, has forged a significant partnership with AXA, a leader in insurance and asset management.

Source: FintechGlobal

BOXX Insurance, headquartered in Canada, operates worldwide with offices in key global cities, championing the cause of cyber safety for businesses and individuals alike. On the other hand, AXA stands as a colossal presence in the insurance sector, renowned for its extensive array of services tailored to meet diverse client needs.

The crux of this collaboration lies in addressing a pressing issue: the vulnerability of small businesses to cyber threats. In an era where digital risks are escalating, the partnership aims to unveil a novel cyber risk mitigation solution tailored specifically for the needs of small enterprises. This initiative underscores a mutual recognition of the critical importance of robust cyber protection for the sustenance and growth of small businesses.

BOXX Insurance CEO and Founder Vishal Kundi said, “Small businesses often face significant challenges in securing adequate support against cyber risks, which can have devastating consequences for their operations. Driven by our mission to make the world a digitally safer place, we conducted in-depth research to understand the specific needs of small businesses. The findings underscored the importance of not only responding to and recovering from cyber attacks but also predicting and preventing them.”

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