Aviva will cover Sunsave Plus customers with a bespoke insurance policy

Aviva, which has more than 18 million customers and 320 years of experience, will streamline its process around new installations, to give Sunsave Plus customers protection from day one.

Source: Sunsave

The policy is included as part of our 20-year Sunsave Guarantee, which offers monitoring and maintenance, a free out-of-warranty battery replacement, insurance against damage, fire, and theft, and downtime payments if your system doesn’t work.

Aviva’s deputy head of renewable energy, Nick Evans, said: “We all have an important role to play in supporting the transition to net zero, and bespoke policies like this can help to encourage environmentally friendly ideas to become reality.

Sunsave co-founder Ben Graves said: “We are delighted to have worked with Aviva and Howden to put in place an innovative insurance cover enabling us to launch the UK’s first solar subscription service.

“This cover provides peace of mind for our customers and marks another important milestone in bringing the power of solar to all households across the UK.”

Read full article: https://www.sunsave.energy/blog/aviva-insurance

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