Allianz one-click price estimate: helping customers drive away insured

Allianz Australia is delighted to have launched our new one-click price estimate system for car dealers. This system can provide quick car insurance estimates for car dealers’ customers, based on information their customers have already supplied.

Source: Allianz

There’s a lot for customers to consider when purchasing a new or used motor vehicle. Often, it’s a journey that includes hours of research online, trips to various dealerships or private sellers, and plenty of time spent pouring over reviews for their chosen vehicle.

After they’ve chosen a vehicle, agreed on a price and the vehicle is ready for collection, most customers would prefer to take their new wheels for a spin than answer a long list of insurance questions. This is especially true when a lot of the questions could be answered using information the customer has already supplied to a dealership as part of their purchase.

That’s why we’ve developed our one-click price estimate system. A solution that uses the data dealers already have at their disposal to create an indicative motor insurance quote for their customer on the spot.

How the Allianz one-click price estimate system helps customers get cover quickly

Dan Tully, GM Consumer Partners said our new one-click price estimate system, “Is the start of an exciting innovation program to simplify and digitise the Allianz insurance purchase journey into the car dealer’s customer journeys.”

Colin Hanley, Head of Automotive Distribution, Allianz Australia explains, “The Allianz one-click price estimate provides car insurance estimates directly from the dealers’ system by entering just a few details. We’ve designed this system to help Sales Managers and Business Managers at the Dealership streamline the insurance process and create a better customer experience.”

“Our new one-click price estimate system helps get customers on the road quickly with Allianz insurance covering their vehicle purchase,” Colin said.

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